Rangels letters: What am I doing wrong?


 Hœ, the question above is very interesting, especially now that 6 months of the year have passed, and we have already lived half of the 365 days of this year.

 What am I doing wrong?

 In other words where I'm missing in my life, on my way to my mission in this lifetime.  And it's a question you should always ask every day.

 But, you have to make a caveat, you have to be careful not to fall into pessimism and end up saying phrases like "I don't do anything right", "I was born wrong", "I'm a lost cause" and "my life is hopeless" , "also with the family I had, I could only have what I have".

 It is very tempting to cultivate these negative phrases, not least because we were born into a society dominated by religions that have convinced us that we are wrong, that there is not much solution and that the world will always get worse.

 But actually the world has improved, have you ever thought about what life was like in the past, without medicine, dentists, toilets, with wars, looting, violence and slavery all the time?

 The tendency of society is to improve over time, although people who are stuck with some views think that the world only gets worse and this is not true, although we know that some things are changing and these are not positive.  But if you look better, the good is always greater than the bad.

 Let's take a simple example, think of the most dangerous neighborhood you know and tell me, "How much of the population there are criminals? And how many are honest and hardworking people?"

 You can be sure that in none of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world does the population of bandits surpass that of honest and hardworking people, banditry is always a minority, but unfortunately people only focus on that minority.

 The same thing happens in the world in general, every day millions of positive things and miracles happen in the world, with people conquering their dreams, children being born in families that will love them very much, little birds sing in the trees, people are cured of illnesses, they come out of depression, out of bad situations, graduate from school and unemployed get a job, some entrepreneurs grow.

 But, these things don't get the same attention as the negative things and the newspapers don't report it, because our society prefers to focus on negativism and keep us negative.

 But, if there is one thing that has changed a lot in my life since I met the Eternal One, it was my vision, my mentality towards the world, problems we have like everyone else, but true wisdom has given me an optimism and unshakable faith.

 Before we lived in pessimism, judging ourselves as hopeless people, filthy rags, sinners, but in true wisdom, we can appreciate the miracles that happen every moment in this universe of this dimension.

 We can see everything with different eyes, spiritual eyes and not despair at any problem, because "everything has a solution and what doesn't have a solution is because it isn't really a problem".

 So the question "what am I doing wrong?"  It should always be accompanied by another question which is "what should I do today to fix this error?"

 Yes, it is not enough just to identify the error, the allane philosophy teaches us that we must fix, "where am I going wrong?"

 Is it in expenses, am I spending much more than I earn?  Am I eating wrong and getting fat?  Am I not taking good care of my body?  Am I addicted to social networks, TV or harmful websites?  Am I paying little attention to my family?  Am I obsessed with politics, ideology or beliefs and charlatans?

 Finally, each one is in their own struggles and must identify and fix, our philosophy is in no way accommodated, pessimistic or conformed to the world, our vision is one of overcoming, fighting and victories based on an unshakable faith in the True God.

 Believe, assimilate, manifest miracles and positivity in your life now, be a blessing in this world.



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