Letters: What are we doing today?  Win

  What are we doing today?  Win!

 Hello, this question always comes up in the morning about what we should do today.  Some people wake up and see an awful lot of trouble, some very rich people are bored out of their minds because they have nothing to strive for.

 But the answer is only one: _win!

 When it comes to winning, people immediately think of financial success, but it's much more than that.

 Winning this day means getting in harmony with your divine interior, having peace of mind even with problems, taking good care of your home, your work, your family, taking good care of your mind and physical body including your appearance, and of course take good care of your financial life too.

 It is not contaminating yourself with the pessimism, sadness and dirt of this civilization, we are not from here, we belong to an enlightened and evolved family, and we are here to be tested for a while, to evolve, and to be a blessing to ourselves, for the people around us and perhaps even for the whole world.

 What are we going to do today, Allans?

 Let's win this day!

 Aisi ~


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