A Peace Plan for Ukraine and Russia 


 Hello, we know that a war is a complicated situation and that there is never a real victory for either side, as many lives and families have been destroyed.

 Our starting point is that "the invader is always wrong", but we know that the interests and stubbornness of some will always exist, and whoever started the war will not want to lose out without any compensation.  In this case, a paradox is created, and some realistic solution must be made to avoid further unnecessary death and destruction.

 Thus, we developed a peace plan, which is not ideal, but the only one that can bring something that can bring about peace and an end to the escalation of violence at this moment.

 The Peace Plan:

 1. Russia returns the territories of Luhansk and Donetsk to Ukraine, in addition to dispelling separatist movements in that region.  Ukraine, in turn, gives the region more autonomy, as well as respecting the Russian language in these territories.

 2. Crimea becomes a neutral and demititarized territory for a few years, or it may become an independent region as a new country, this will be defined in a free plebiscite in a few years.  If we look at history, we know that Crimea was already an independent region before Russia and Ukraine, so this solution is not impossible or unrealistic.

 3. Ukraine gives up its intention to join NATO, but is immediately accepted into the European Union.  However, Ukraine continues with its army and strengthening its militarization, after all it cannot be left unprotected against other possible future aggressions on its territory.

 4. Sanctions on Russia are lifted, and Ukraine continues to have unimpeded access to its grain exports through the Black Sea.  In addition to Russia and Ukraine returning to diplomatic relations.

 Well, this is our option for a realistic peace plan for this conflict, as we said before, this option is not ideal and we know that one side will always lose in something, however it is the best possible peace plan so far, and it was done in a neutral manner focused on restoring peace and prosperity to these nations.

 The path to peace is difficult, and negative feelings towards the enemy will always be present, but we must remember Gandhi and Mandela, two leaders who found the path to freedom and peace in forgiveness and not in revanchism.

 Let us learn from them.  And we hope that this plan can be useful and put an end to this violence and destruction of many families.

 May God bless us always.


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