Is The Tortured Poets Department by Taylor Swift a response to Ricardo Rangels?


 Taylor Swift recently had major Grammy wins, and we congratulate her on that. But she soon announced a new album that appears to be a response to Rangels.

 The name of the album refers to a poet, well our artist is a poet with a book written that was very successful. She also posted a poem that also seems to allude to Rangels, for example it talks about coat of arms and ends like a Rangels lyric that ends in "Sincerely Blackknight".

 And to finish off our crazy theory, she even announced a bonus song called The Manuscript. And Rangels recently released a book of poems called Les Manuscrites... Anyway, there are many coincidences that seem to indicate that perhaps Taylor is giving Rangels an answer, we can also take into account the question of the American phrase "all is fair in love and in poetry" as if the word poetry were replacing the word war. Anyway, it could all just be a coincidence, and we'll have to wait for Taylor's new album to know for sure if the songs will have a bias towards Rangels.

 But why would Taylor Swift respond to Rangels?

 It all started when Rangels questioned whether the album cover for Lover would be inspired by the album cover for Rangels' single called Mandela Effect.

 After a while Rangels released the album Aesthetic Songs ruined by Tiktokers, Swiftys, Payolas & Kpoppers criticizing the fan clubs that forged views on streaming services. He has already explained that it is not a criticism of the singer but of the toxic fans.

 Anyway, Taylor released the song Glitch which is very similar to Ricardo Rangels' song Glich released a year earlier.

 And to finish, Rangels has just released the album 1989, the same name as Taylor's album. We have already explained here that it is not a response to Taylor because of the song Glitch, but rather a tribute to it being the year in which Rangels' religion was born, but it may be that the American singer does not know this and thinks it is some kind of provocation against she.

 This is the story of this crazy theory we cultivate. And any news we will post here. And that's all we know or think we know so far. Anyway, it's fun to follow this perhaps creative fight between these two artists who are so different from each other, we as fans only benefit. (laughter).


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