Is 1989 by Ricardo Rangels a response to Taylor Swift?


 Some people question whether the album 1989 has anything to do with Taylor Swift due to some controversies between the two, such as the album Aesthetic Songs ruined by Tiktokers, Swiftys, Payolas & Kpoppers, even though this artist has already explained that the criticism is against toxic fandoms, and not against the Swifty itself, as well as the supposed similarity between this singer's song Glitch, which is very similar to Rangels' song Glich. So some think it could be some response to Taylor. But, we will know the true story of the 1989 album now.

 Why 1989?

 The name 1989 was already an old Rangels project, in fact there are another 3 specific dates that the artist intends to record, meaning there is no connection with the American singer's album.

 Being 1989 just the year of revival of Rangels' religion, called Allanism. That year the artist was only 9 years old and it was the year in which he was exposed to a blue UFO, his life was completely transformed and after this phenomenon along with other supernatural experiences, the artist codified this new religion. You can find out more about the Allanism religion at This experience was so profound that the artist himself often says that this event saved his life, transforming him from a poor and common boy into a talented and intelligent artist, and to this day he teaches his religion to anyone who really wants to learn.

 Therefore, although they tend to want to find a connection between Taylor and Rangels, due to a supposed rivalry between the two. Really, it's all just a happy coincidence. Just the fact that they think that Rangels has a rivalry against someone already shows that they are unaware of Rangels' personality. As an artist, he never gave a damn about awards, success on the big radio stations, etc. All his art is anti-commercial and anti-mainstream system, his focus is only to express himself and make his art like all the great artists of the past, as well as his focus is in their spiritual development.


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